Effective July 1, 2023 the fee amount and duration of all marriage and civil union performer licenses has been updated to $100.00 USD for a 1-year license and $25.00 USD for a 60-day license per Bill SB1370. This website will be updated October 1, 2023 to reflect these changes. Any current and valid license(s) to perform marriages and/or civil unions will retain their expiration date. The new fee structure will apply when you submit an application for a new license and/or upon renewal.

Hawaii Electronic Marriage and Civil Union Registration System

Welcome to the Hawaii Department of Health online Marriage and Civil Union Registration System. This online system provides a variety of services including: marriage or civil union license application with status check; marriage and/or civil union performer registration and access; and certificate validation by the government agency users. Prospective users are encouraged to review the following hints and the instructional video for using the system.



Marriage/Civil Union License Application Fee: $60.00
Portal Administration Fee: $5.00